The January 6 Committee Is Panicking About You Knowing A Secret About Their Main Witness

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

The January 6 Committee is reaching the end of its hearings.

Committee members tried to build a house of cards case against President Trump.

And the January 6 Committee is panicking about you knowing a secret about their main witness.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

The January 6 committee held a “surprise” hearing to showcase the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson.

Hutchinson was an obscure 26-year-old former Trump aide who told a story straight out of a Hollywood political thriller.

In her testimony, Hutchinson claimed Donald Trump tried to choke the head off his Secret Service detail and tried to commandeer his SUV after the Secret Service refused to take Trump to the Capitol after his speech at a rally on January 6.

Red flags immediately appeared after the Secret Service agent involved and the individual Hutchinson claimed told her this story both let it be known they were willing to testify under oath to contradict Hutchinson’s account.

Now Trump supporters believe Hutchinson was totally discredited.

The Daily Caller published emails from Hutchinson to a former Trump official explaining she needed help finding a lawyer after the January 6 committee subpoenaed her as she was in dire need of financial help.

“I was subpoenaed by the 1/6 Committee on November 9, 2020, but was not formally served until Wednesday, January 26, 2021. I’ve had difficulty securing a legal team, and was hoping you may be able to put me in contact with any fundraising organizations and/or attorneys that are involved in this process,” Hutchinson wrote.

“My aunt and uncle applied to refinance their house to loosen up some money since I don’t have much immediate family, but they weren’t approved,” Hutchinson continued.

A source with knowledge of Hutchinson’s outreach to Trump World claimed Hutchinson desperately needed money to pay for a lawyer after receiving the subpoena and had nowhere to turn.

“Cassidy Hutchinson reached out to various people in Trump world asking for both financial assistance and help finding a lawyer. She told us she was in significant financial distress, had no family that could help, and couldn’t even afford food. She also told us Mark Meadows wouldn’t return her calls. To our knowledge, she spoke with multiple lawyers and chose Stefan Passantino to represent her,” a source told The Daily Caller.

“She reached out to Trump world and was like, ‘Hey. The committee reached out to me. I really need help.’ She didn’t have a job. She didn’t have money to pay a lawyer. Trump has been trying to be really helpful, especially with young people who weren’t like bad actors on J6, like get you a lawyer. Pay for it. Meadows wasn’t returning her phone calls and like her circle of people, weren’t, like, helpful,” a former Trump official told The Daily Caller.

Another source told The Daily Caller that the conversations Hutchinson claimed she had with White House Counsel Pat Cipollone never happened.

This might help explain why the committee never asked Cipollone to corroborate Hutchinson’s allegations.

Critics now wonder if Hutchinson’s testimony wasn’t part of an image rehabilitation effort to win a job at an anti-Trump network or make her employable in corporate America.