The Supreme Court Left Donald Trump Red With Rage With This Win For The Democrats

Photo by Glenn Beltz on Flickr

Donald Trump thought he could count on the Supreme Court.

But he thought wrong.

And the Supreme Court left Donald Trump red with rage with this win for the Democrats.

As Great American Daily reports:

The Supreme Court released an unsigned opinion rejecting Donald Trump’s challenges to the Manhattan District Attorney subpoenaing his financial records as part of a criminal investigation into the former President’s finances.

Donald Trump reacted to the defeat with a statement blasting the decision and the Democrat District Attorney’s investigation as a continuation of the five-year long witch hunt to destroy him.

Trump also noted that New York had been investigating his finances for years and that his tax returns were prepared by some of the most prestigious accounting and law firms in the world and it would be absurd to think they would put their reputations on the line by engaging in illegal behavior.

“So now, for more than two years, New York City has been looking at almost every transaction I’ve ever done, including seeking tax returns which were done by among the biggest and most prestigious law and accounting firms in the U.S. The Tea Party was treated far better by the IRS than Donald Trump,” Trump stated.

Trump decried the fact that the Supreme Court did not put a stop to what he called a “fishing expedition” and noted the partisan tint to the investigation by pointing out that New York state is controlled entirely by Democrats.

“The Supreme Court never should have let this ‘fishing expedition’ happen, but they did. This is something which has never happened to a President before, it is all Democrat-inspired in a totally Democrat location, New York City and State, completely controlled and dominated by a heavily reported enemy of mine, Governor Andrew Cuomo. These are attacks by Democrats willing to do anything to stop the almost 75 million people (the most votes, by far, ever gotten by a sitting president) who voted for me in the election,” Trump added.

The former President continued exposing the injustice of this case by explaining that on the left there is a new trend where Democrats campaign for attorney general and district attorney positions on the promise of prosecuting prominent Republicans or groups aligned with the Republican Party.

“The new phenomenon of ‘headhunting’ prosecutors and AGs—who try to take down their political opponents using the law as a weapon—is a threat to the very foundation of our liberty. That’s what is done in third world countries. Even worse are those who run for prosecutorial or attorney general offices in far-left states and jurisdictions pledging to take out a political opponent. That’s fascism, not justice—and that is exactly what they are trying to do with respect to me, except that the people of our Country won’t stand for it,” Trump continued.

Finally, Trump noted the explosion in violent crime in New York City and called on the Democrat District Attorney Cy Vance to do his job and crack down on the actual criminals as opposed to trying to stage political show trials.

“In the meantime, murders and violent crime are up in New York City by record numbers, and nothing is done about it. Our elected officials don’t care. All they focus on is the persecution of President Donald J. Trump,” Trump concluded.