The Supreme Court Surprised Joe Biden With One Unexpected Ruling

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

The Supreme Court continued to take a leftward turn.

It’s dismayed many conservatives.

And the Supreme Court surprised Joe Biden with one unexpected ruling.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

The Supreme Court handed down a six to three decision—with the breakdown being all six Republican appointees in the majority—striking down a California law that allowed union organizers to camp out on farmers’ land which allowed big labor bosses to pressure the workers to join the union as unconstitutional.

Under California law, union forces could spend up to three hours a day for 120 days out of the year harassing farm workers to gain the “privilege” of forking over part of their paycheck to Big Labor.

Chief Justice John Roberts authored the majority opinion and wrote that union bosses camping out on farmland violated the Fifth Amendment prohibitions against taking private property.

“The right to exclude is ‘one of the most treasured’ rights of property ownership,” Chief Justice Roberts wrote. “Accordingly, the growers’ complaint states a claim for an uncompensated taking in violation of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments.”

A lower court ruled that since California law did not allow for union organizers to spend 365 days of the year on a farmer’s land, it didn’t violate the Fifth Amendment.

Even a liberal like Chief Justice Roberts mocked this reasoning.

“That position is insupportable as a matter of precedent and common sense. There is no reason the law should analyze an abrogation of the right to exclude in one manner if it extends for 365 days, but in an entirely different manner if it lasts for 364,” Roberts wrote.

This law is a killer for unions.

Unions need members as a constant source of forced dues that they can funnel to Democrat causes and campaigns.

Every radical left cause from abortion to gun control, amnesty, and the Green New Deal is funded by forced union dues collected by union kingpins.

According to the Center for Union Facts, from 2010 to 2016 unions – both private and public sector – funneled 1.1 billion dollars to Democrat Party activist groups in order to push the radical left agenda.

Labor unions also pumped 27.5 million in forced union dues clawed out of their members’ paychecks into Joe Biden’s campaign account.

Democrats are counting on a significant investment from Big Labor’s war chest as part of their 2022 midterm election planning.

This decision is a setback for Big Labor.

Private sector union membership’s been on the decline for years as more states pass right-to-work laws that prevent union membership as a condition of employment.

Union bosses are always on the hunt for fresh sources of forced dues.

This decision deals a blow to the mission to herd farm workers under the thumb of Big Labor.