The Supreme Court Weighed in on a Big 2020 Case That Has Trump Seeing Red

“Donald Trump” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The Supreme Court was supposed to be Donald Trump’s conservative firewall against Democrat unconstitutional “resistance.”

But now there are cracks developing.

And the Supreme Court weighed in on this big 2020 case that has Trump seeing red.

On the surface it may seem surprising that most of Wall Street and many big business executives are so happy to promote Democrats.

After all, Democrats favor higher taxes on the wealthy and more regulations for businesses. Surely the wealthy helping Democrats must be unselfish.

But the Democrats overbearing regulations are actually helping the big business that they claim to hate.

Small business employee more people with their resources than big business and account for 64 percent of net new jobs created.

If small businesses have to put their money into navigating 50 different tax codes it will kill their opportunity for growth.

This is what they now must do because of a 2018 Supreme Court decision.

The Supreme Court’s Wayfair decision makes it easier for states to collect sales taxes from online retailers who are located out of state.

According to the Washington Examiner:

The growing patchwork of state internet sales taxes that has emerged since the landmark 2018 Supreme Court decision regarding out-of-state online sellers has hamstrung small businesses with costly compliance burdens.

Halstead Bead Inc. an online jewelry supply store in Prescott, Arizona, has found complying with the online sales tax vexing.

“It’s been quite challenging,” said Brad Scott, the company’s finance director. “So far, we have spent close to 4,000 hours [since June 2018] that we have diverted away from regular operations towards this.”

The company sells jewelry components and supplies to jewelry makers around the world. It currently complies with roughly 30 state laws that either require it to disclose that it is doing business in the state or to collect and remit taxes. Scott said that his company is complying with nearly “12,000 different tax jurisdictions” between the states… Since June 2018, Halstead Bead has spent $175,000 to comply with the levy while collecting and remitting $75,000 in taxes.

A tax that cost small business more to collect the tax than the tax makes the government seem completely insane.

But costly regulations are good for big businesses simply because they are costly and drive their competitors out of business.

This new ruling isn’t hurting Amazon the same way that it’s hurting a small mom and pop business that’s being run out of someone’s garage.

That’s why it’s important not to put unnecessary regulation on businesses.

It’s not to protect the fat cats it’s to protect local businesses that could be regulated out of business

The Democrats say they’re out to help the poor but their only ready to help the poor with a handout that will make them dependent on the government.

One of the reasons that America has the strongest economy ever is because of the tax break that Trump gave America.

Americans are able to do all sorts of amazing things if the Government doesn’t get in their way with needless regulation.

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