There Is One Shocking Reason Why Donald Trump Won’t Run For President In 2024

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Everyone thought Donald Trump was running for President in 2024.

But maybe Trump will pass.

And there is one shocking reason why Donald Trump won’t run for president in 2024.

As Conservative Revival reports:

In all interviews and public appearances, Donald Trump strongly hints that he is running for president again two years from now.

However, there are certain conditions under which Trump will not announce a re-election campaign.

A source close to Trump told the Daily Caller in an exclusive interview that the outcome of the midterm elections will determine if Trump runs for a second term.

“If the Republicans take the House and the Senate, Donald Trump will run. If we take the House OR the Senate, Donald Trump will strongly consider running. If we take neither of them, he will not run,” a Trump advisor stated.

If Republicans hold only one chamber in Congress or Democrats still run the House and the Senate it does not make sense for Trump to run for president again.

Trump can only serve one term.

So, if Democrats still possess a foothold of power in Congress Trump will not be able to pass any of his agenda or potentially see his nominees confirmed if Chuck Schumer runs the Senate.

However, there is one variable that will guarantee Trump runs in 2024.

And that is if Joe Biden announces he is seeking a second term.

“If Biden really does run again, [Trump’s] running without question,” a former Trump administration senior official told the Daily Caller.

That appears to be a circular argument.

Joe Biden also reportedly told his advisors that he is running for president in 2024 if Donald Trump runs.

That means the 2024 election could come down to a staring contest between Joe Biden and Donald Trump to see who blinks first and announces their candidacy causing the other to jump into the race.

However, some Trump advisors believe that if Trump focuses his 2024 presidential campaign on the 2020 election it will be a mistake even if Trump is proven right on the merits of the argument.

“I think that running on the invalidity of the 2020 election is a mistake, because the American people are looking for solutions to the problems that Joe Biden created,” a Trump advisor said in an interview with the Daily Caller. “Will Donald Trump talk about solutions? Absolutely. But unfortunately, he’s wrapped around the axel of what they did to him in 2020. And he’s right, but the American people aren’t as interested in that.”

All signs are currently pointing towards a Donald Trump 2024 presidential campaign.

And now Americans know that the outcome of the midterm election will play a decisive role in shaping Trump’s final decision.