This Alarming Joe Biden Video Sent Democrats Into Panic Mode

Photo by National Renewable Energy Lab on Flickr

Joe Biden is a human gaffe machine.

Not a day goes by where Biden doesn’t embarrass himself.

And this alarming Joe Biden video sent Democrats into panic mode.

As Great American Daily reports:

A February 2022 ABC/Washington Post poll found 54 percent of Americans believe Biden lacks the “mental sharpness it takes to serve effectively as president.”

The majority of Americans believing Biden is senile directly ties to the fact that exit polls from the midterm elections revealed 67 percent of voters do not want the 80-year-old Biden to seek a second term in 2024.

Biden showed why Americans believe he is senile at best in three different horrifying moments all caught on camera.

During remarks where Biden tried to fool the American people into thinking he was taking action to close the open border Biden claimed Mexican drug cartels smuggled 20,000 pounds of fentanyl into America which could kill 1,000 people.

Twenty thousand pounds of fentanyl would kill 4.5 billion people, or 64 percent of the world’s population.

Then, at a dog and pony show Biden arranged to perpetuate the false narrative that Donald Trump incited an insurrection on January 6 Biden said the events of that day occurred on July 6.

Finally, Biden claimed violent Trump supporters murdered Capitol Hill Police Officer William Evans on January 6.

That was a lie and completely made up.

A Nation of Islam supporter killed Officer Evans by running him over with a car months after January 6.

Biden’s cognitive decline is frightening.

White House staff rarely let Biden answer questions in unscripted settings and Biden sits for few print or TV news interviews because Biden could slip into a vegetative state at any time.

During the 2020 presidential race Biden’s handlers locked Biden away in the basement and limited his interactions with the press and the voters.

Biden got away with these evasive maneuvers due in large part to the fact that the press desperately wanted Biden to win and accepted the lame excuse that Biden exercised caution due to the COVID pandemic.

In 2024 the coronavirus excuse is out the window.

And polls showing voters do not believe Biden is physically and mentally capable of serving as president render the basement strategy risky.

The more Biden campaigns the more evident his cognitive decline becomes to all voters.

Biden’s dreadful performance over the span of a few days where he confused dates, figures and details stands out as a flashing red light warning.