This Shocking 2020 Poll Left Donald Trump Shaking in Disbelief

Democrats are preparing for the next Presidential Election as if the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

From Barack Obama on down everyone on the left believes Donald Trump is doomed to defeat.

And this shocking 2020 poll left President Trump shaking in disbelief.

As Great American Daily reports:

Wisconsin figures to be the pivotal state in the 2020 presidential campaign.

In 2016, Wisconsin was the first state of the fabled “Blue Wall” Donald Trump won and that result made it obvious Trump would beat Hillary Clinton.

Political analysts from both sides of the aisle agree that whichever candidate wins, Wisconsin’s ten Electoral College votes sit in the catbird seat next November.

Marquette University Law School conducts what many consider to be the “gold standard” poll in the Badger State.

Their previous surveys found Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders all leading Donald Trump in hypothetical head to head matchups in Wisconsin.

The fake and corrupt news media trumpeted these results as evidence Donald Trump was a goner in 2020.

But the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt changed everything.

Marquette conducted a poll from November 13th to 17th – right in the heart of the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt and found a massive shift in voter sentiment to oppose impeaching Donald Trump.

Marquette University Law School Poll Director Charles Franklin wrote:

In the new poll, 40 percent of registered voters think that Trump should be impeached and removed from office, while 53 percent do not think so and 6 percent say that they do not know.

In October, before public hearings began, 44 percent favored impeachment and removal from office, while 51 percent were opposed, and 4 percent said they didn’t know.

That was not all.

Marquette also found that Donald Trump surged into the lead over Biden, Warren and Sanders as well as opening up an eight point lead over homosexual South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Franklin also wrote:

Wisconsin voters were asked whom they would support as of now in the presidential election, Trump or each of four leading candidates for the Democratic nomination. Trump has 3-point leads over former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, a 5-point margin over Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and an 8-point lead over Mayor Pete Buttigieg. In October, Biden, Sanders, and Warren had small leads and Buttigieg trailed by 2 percentage points.

Marquette was not the only polling outfit to show Donald Trump’s political prospects improving.

Gallup found the president’s approval rating rising.

Gallup wrote that, “Despite days of focus by national and international news media on the impeachment proceedings currently underway in the House of Representatives, President Donald Trump’s job approval rating remains statistically similar to where it has been for weeks. Gallup’s latest poll, fielded Nov. 1-14, failed to show a noticeable impact of the impeachment hearings in Congress on presidential approval. In fact, the last time the president’s approval rating was 43% was in mid-September, just before news outlets began to report that a whistleblower complaint had been filed regarding a call between Trump and the president of Ukraine.”

The Democrats pursued a disastrous impeachment hoax that is backfiring in spectacular fashion.

Great American Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in the 2020 Presidential Election.