This Top Democrat Knew Their Career was Over When a Shocking Video Went Public

The Democrat Party is in disarray.

Impeachment is a disaster and many top members of the party like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are neck deep in scandals.

Now this top Democrat knew their career was over when a shocking video went public.

As Great American Daily reports:

Of all the candidates running for President, there are none more extreme than Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The 77-year-old socialist is running on a platform that makes Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign seem conservative.

He is calling for completely socialized medicine and a ban on all private health insurance.

His plan will cost many trillions of dollars.

And on top of it, he has a plan to phase out oil and gas within the next ten years, which will also cost tens of trillions of dollars, and destroy countless jobs across the country.

Not only that, but he wants to give everybody in prison the right to vote, including the most brutal offenders like the Boston Marathon bomber.

But despite this, he is holding strong in the polls.

He is within the top three in most polls, competing against Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden.

And while his policies are extreme enough to turn off many voters, there is another big concern.

Sanders is 77 years old, which will make him the oldest President in history if he wins.

To dispel claims that he is too old, Sanders has been participating in physical activities, including a recent softball game.

But his most recent attempt to appear in shape is now backfiring on him.

During an interview with VICE, the socialist candidate took a swing at a speed bag in the Muhammad Ali Center in Kentucky.

And immediately after throwing his punch, the bag came back to hit him in the head, making him seem delirious enough that he could not directly hit it again.

A video of the incident quickly went viral, with Donald Trump Jr. even sharing it.

This sort of video does not instill confidence in voters.

Sanders clearly wasn’t doing it as a joke.

And it doesn’t even seem as though he felt he did anything incorrect.

After getting smacked in the face, Sanders reportedly told his staff that he needs to get a speed bag of his own to get out his “damn aggression.”

This incident is very minor, and likely won’t have much of an effect on his campaign.

But in a razor thin race, it may be just enough to force him out of the race altogether.

After all, it is the Democrat Party that has been spreading claims that President Trump is not fit to serve in office because of his health, despite his physician stating he is perfectly healthy.

If it had been President Trump in his position, the mainstream media would mercilessly attack him for it.

But there is a Democrat double standard.

At the end of the day, it is likely that President Trump wants to face Bernie Sanders in a general election.

He is so extreme that many Democrats are refusing to stand with him.

Do you think that Bernie Sanders could beat President Trump?

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