Trey Gowdy Exposed A Blockbuster Truth About Kyle Rittenhouse That The Liberal Media Will Hate

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The corporate media spent a full year smearing Kyle Rittenhouse.

Now the press faces a reckoning.

And Trey Gowdy exposed a blockbuster truth about Kyle Rittenhouse that the liberal media will hate.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Americans no longer trust institutions.

Corruption, lies and self-dealing eroded the public’s faith in the old gate keepers and defenders of “norms.”

But Trey Gowdy told Fox News viewers that there was one institution the public still believed in – and that was the court system.

Gowdy used the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case as an example.

Everything the corporate media told the public about the Rittenhouse case was a lie.

Rittenhouse did not travel across state lines with a rifle he illegally carried.

Rittenhouse was not a white supremacist or a vigilante.

Gowdy compared the lies of the corporate media to how juries process the evidence and facts presented to them.

In the Rittenhouse case Americans watching the trial coverage wereshocked to learn just how dishonest the corporate media’s coverage was.

Gowdy explained the difference between the media and politics in the court system was the fact that no neutral arbiter like a judge and jury exists.

“So who’s the referee in politics? Who’s the referee in the media? Who’s the judge? In court, The jury gets to see and hear the evidence for themselves. There’s no commentator, no reporter, no politician selectively editing what happened and then reporting it to you. You know, in court, we had this thing called the rule of completeness, and it makes perfect sense. If you’re going to play part of a recording, you’ve got to play at all. If you’re going to introduce part of a statement, you got to introduce it all so we can make sure the context is appropriate. It’s called the rule of completeness because in court you have to be complete, fair, factual and complete,” Gowdy stated.

In the Trump years, Americans lost faith in institutions like the corporate media and the FBI because of exactly what Gowdy cited – anonymous sources cherry picking information to leak or just flat-out making things up to advance an anti-Trump narrative.

The Russian collusion hoax, the Russian bounty hoax, the false claim that the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation, the false claim that Trump supporters beat officer Brian Sicknick to death with a fire extinguisher were all lies the corporate media peddled after anonymous sources fed these lies to so-called “reporters.”

The fact that the corrections never received the attention of the initial false claim only fueled the distrust of the corporate media relying on anonymous sources as well as the government institutions staffed by these same Deep State leakers.

Gowdy compared the fairness of a trial – where both sides present evidence and cross examine witnesses – to the one-sided bias in the media where anonymous sources collude with reporters to presented a slanted take on events that always seems to benefit the Democrat Party.

“How different that is from the modern media and our modern political environment. Courts use cross-examination. There are no anonymous sources, no high-ranking official speaking on background. There’s examination and cross-examination. You see and hear for yourself what’s beingsaid and by whom and whether you find it credible. The real reason we respect our justice system, I suspect, more than politics or the media is the destination being salt,” Gowdy added.