Trey Gowdy Hammered Joe Biden On The One Big Problem That Will End His Presidency

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Joe Biden’s Presidency is in troubled waters.

Biden’s poll numbers are sinking as multiple crises overwhelm the administration and the nation.

And Trey Gowdy hammered Joe Biden on the one big problem that will end his Presidency.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Joe Biden claimed his administration would “crush” the virus.

Biden staked his political capital on the administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Back in May, Biden wanted to declare victory where the Centers for Disease Control dropped the mask mandate for vaccinated Americans.

All 50 states quickly followed suit.

But the administration missed its goal of 70 percent of Americans receiving one dose of the vaccine by July 4 and scrambled to avoid blame.

Administration officials decided to browbeat Americans who refused to take the vaccine – instead of accepting that fewer and fewer Americans trust Joe Biden or power-mad bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci – to lay the groundwork for vaccine mandates.

The first step was the Centers for Disease Control pulling a 180 and demanding vaccinated Americans wear masks indoors.

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy noted the pace of vaccinations increased in recent days, but the idea that the Biden administration followed the science went out the window when the CDC imposed mask guidelines based on no science.

“Yes, I think it’s good, Bret, that vaccinations are up. And our good friend Harold Ford always encourages us to follow the science. And I know what he means by that, that he is well-intentioned. It would be much easier if the science was actually consistent. So when you can dance at a wedding reception this side of the street but not that side of the street, and we need to follow science unless it impacts teachers’ unions, then people begin to lose confidence in science. So I’m all for following science. It would just be easier if science spoke with one voice,” Gowdy stated.

Even the administration’s allies echoed Gowdy’s critique that the administration just made it all up as they went along.

Associate professor at Yale School of Public Health Gregg Gonsalves ripped the Centers for Disease Control for imposing new mask guidelines without showing any data to prove vaccinated Americans spread the coronavirus.

“They’re making a claim that people with delta who are vaccinated and unvaccinated have similar levels of viral load, but nobody knows what that means,” Gonsalves told the Washington Post.

“It’s meaningless unless we see the data.”

Up to this point, Joe Biden has received high poll numbers on his handling of the coronavirus.

But these all come from the same pollsters that suffered the biggest Presidential polling error in 40 years this past November.

The warning signs for Democrats are still there.

GDP numbers show the economy is not growing as fast as projected.

Inflation is raging out of control, and Chief of Federal Reserve Jerome Powell admitted inflation is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

The border crisis worsens every day as the number of illegal aliens pouring into the country reaches numbers not seen in 20 years.

Democrats were counting on the public approving of Biden’s coronavirus response to carry their message in 2022 and 2024.

However, as Trey Gowdy noted, the trust for the public in the administration and their so-called “experts” frays as the administration imposes oppressive and nonscience-based mandates.

And once the public turns on Biden over the coronavirus, the Democrats won’t have any cards left to play.