Trey Gowdy Laid Down A Supreme Court Demand That Left Viewers Stunned Into Silence

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The Supreme Court is about to hear some of its most consequential cases in a generation.

How the court decides these cases will fundamentally shift the country either to the left or the right.

And Trey Gowdy laid down a Supreme Court demand that left viewers stunned into silence.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Ever since Donald Trump appointed Amy Coney Barrett to fill the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court, liberals agitated to pack the Supreme Court with as many as six new left-wing justices to install a far-left majority.

The Supreme Court is the one institution in Washington that Democrats do not control, and the left is determined to change that.

On his Sunday night Fox News show, former Congressman Trey Gowdy blasted the left’s push to pack the Supreme Court by noting that the corporate media egged on liberals with unfair and biased coverage of Supreme Court decisions.

“To the media, just try to at least fake being fair,” Gowdy stated. “The way you frame issues and court decisions is overtly partisan. It sews the seeds of discord in our country. It treats serious and complex legal issues with a provocative headline and a tweet.”

Gowdy explained how the left-wing press described liberal justices and decisions as historic and landmark as a prime example of the press’s bias.

“Liberal judges, they want to expand and empower and liberate,” Gowdy added. “The words they [media] use proves their bias, and their bias explains their diminished role in our country and diminished view of the court by the public.”

Gowdy attacked the corporate media coverage of the Supreme Court that portrayed liberal-leaning decisions as good and just and conservative-leaning decisions as backwards as driving the left’s push to destroy the Supreme Court as an institution through court-packing.

“Do we want fairness or just a decision we agree with? Can we separate what the law is, from what we want it to be?” Gowdy continued. “Do we have the discipline to win the debate or do we just want to win the Supreme Court vote?”

Gowdy finished up by rejecting the left’s “reforms” of the Supreme Court – all of which are really power grabs to put liberals in charge – and that the only change that needed to take place was the media fairly and accurately covering the court’s decisions.

“We don’t need more or fewer justices,”Gowdy concluded. “We don’t need to set their docket or their retirement decisions, we need a court that understands its role…justices who can disagree with — and even dissent from even their own personal feelings, and we need to elevate the virtue of fairness.”

Americans can expect even more unfair and biased media coverage of the 2021-2022 Supreme Court term as the justices will hear oral arguments on pro-life laws in Texas and Mississippi.

So, few expect the corporate media to listen to Trey Gowdy’s plea for more balanced and fair coverage of the court’s decisions.