Trey Gowdy Made A Surprising Pledge About Running For Office In 2022

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Former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy is starting a new career as a Fox News host.

But there are still rumors he may get back into politics.

And Trey Gowdy made a surprising pledge about running for office in 2022.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Before the debut of “Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy,” the former South Carolina congressman sat for an interview with The Hill to promote his new show.

In the interview with The Hill,Gowdy pledged that he would never run for office again.

“You will never see me on a ballot again,” Gowdy declared. “I wasn’t good at it, and I didn’t enjoy it.”

Gowdy’s retirement in 2018 surprised many Republicans who appreciated the four-term congressman’s work chairing the Select Committee on Benghazi which uncovered Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

That discovery may have ultimately been what cost Clinton the White House.

But with Gowdy’s time in politics over, he’s turned to television where Gowdy promised something unique for viewers.

Gowdy told The Hill his show would avoid playing to the home team where guests appeared just to reaffirm the audience’s prior beliefs.

“I don’t like it, and neither does the audience,” Gowdy stated.

But Gowdy did admit that it would be difficult to book Democrats on a Fox News interview show.

“I’m something at the mercy of who is willing to come on the show,” Gowdy conceded. “It’s a tough time in politics. There is very little upside for Republicans to go on CNN and MSNBC, and it’s the same for Democrats going on other shows.”

Gowdy added that he hoped his plan to feature longer interviews would attract a distinctive slate of guests willing to come on the air secure in the knowledge they would have ample time to explain their views.

“I’ve never been a fan of artificial time limits in Congress where you hear, ‘The gentleman’s five minutes are up,’” Gowdy stated. “Five minutes is not enough time to unlock the mysteries of the world.”

Gowdy was one of several Fox personalities that auditioned for the role of permanent host of the new 7 p.m. “Fox News Primetime” opinion show.

While Gowdy did not get that job, Fox News executives judged Gowdy’s performance to be strong enough to give him a new show on Sunday replacing replays to primetime shows from Saturday night.

Fox News brought in hosts like Gowdy—who were seen as supporters of Donald Trump—after Fox saw a chunk of its audience defect following the election.

That strategy paid off as Fox’s ratings stabilized and the network is once again the top-rated cable news channel.