Trey Gowdy Was Stunned To Learn About This Massive Joe Biden Failure

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Trey Gowdy helped uncover Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

There isn’t much corruption in Washington that will shock Gowdy.

But Trey Gowdy was stunned to learn about this massive Joe Biden failure.

As Conservative Revival reports:

From the moment Joe Biden entered office Biden began trying to rollback Donald Trump’s successful immigration policies.

Biden wanted to end the Remain in Mexico Protocol and halt construction on the border wall to send a signal that the U.S. southern border was wide open.

That message was heard loud and clear as nearly 2,500,000 illegal aliens attempted to invade America since Joe Biden’s inauguration.

On Trey Gowdy’s Sunday night Fox News show former Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz explained that Joe Biden had all the legal authority he needed to secure the border and build the wall.

Chaffetz said the laws to do so were already on the books, but that Joe Biden lacked the “political will” to defend American sovereignty.

“It has been a lack of political will. The laws are in the books to actually build the border wall to secure the border, to have an entry/exit program and to deny people to just simply walk across the border. It has been a lack of political will,” Chaffetz began.

Chaffetz told Gowdy and his audience that the Biden administration tried to create as many magnets as possible for illegal immigration such as reinstating the dangerous catch and release policy.

“And the Biden-Harris administration in addition to the Obama Administration have done everything they can to not only encourage people but essentially invite people to come here, knowing that if they do get caught, they’re going to be released into the homeland by the tens of thousands,” Chaffetz added.

In the month of April, the government released over 100,000 illegal aliens into the country.

Chaffetz warned that Biden attempted to push this crisis in an even more dire direction by ending Title 42.

Donald Trump put Title 42 in place to allow for the government to speedily send illegal aliens back to their home country after they made false claims of asylum at the border.

Fortunately, a federal judge blocked this effort to end Title 42.

“And with the expiration of Title 42, even though a judge put that order in place, I think there are still tens or hundreds of thousands of people that will be pouring across at the rate of 18,000 people a day, the estimates say in addition to millions that have already flown across the borders,” Chaffetz continued.

Chaffetz went so far as to tell Gowdy that Biden’s refusal to enforce immigration law handed control of the southern border to cartels as traffickers and drug smugglers flourished.

“It’s human trafficking. I talked with border agents who believe upwards of 90% of the women trafficked across the border are raped along the way. It’s a drug problem. Look at the problem with fentanyl, the tens of thousands of Americans that have lost their lives. So human trafficking, you’d think that would be enough. You would think that drugs would be enough. I mean, the cartels are essentially running the border,” Chaffetz exclaimed.

There is a crisis at the southern border.

Joe Biden can put a stop to this catastrophe whenever he wants.

But Biden’s refusal to do so is leaving millions of Americans frustrated.