Trump Supporters Were Furious At This Gigantic Mitch McConnell Double Cross

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Mitch McConnell keeps finding new ways to infuriate conservatives.

The RINO Senate Minority Leader pushed it too far.

And Trump Supporters were furious at this gigantic Mitch McConnell double cross.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Republicans came up short in the midterm elections.

The GOP lost two governors’ mansions and one Senate seat.

Republican gains in the House of Representatives were far fewer than anyone in either party predicted.

The old saying that victory has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan rang true in the fallout from the midterm letdown.

Mitch McConnell placed all the blame on Donald Trump for nominating a slate of MAGA candidates in key races.

Blaming Trump served the establishment’s purposes as RINOs like McConnell wanted to purge Trump for six years and party elites thought the bitter election defeat would turn rank-and-file conservatives against Trump.

But Missouri Senator Josh Hawley had other ideas.

In an interview with Breitbart News, Hawley explained that the true culprit for the Republican Party underperforming in the midterm elections was McConnell.

“I’m from the state of Missouri. We’re pretty independent-minded. In my view, we have to do what is right. You have to have the courage of your convictions. So I’m happy to go out there and say, ‘We need a change in direction in the Senate GOP,’” Hawley stated.

Hawley ripped McConnell for supporting 100 percent of Biden’s agenda and not lifting a finger to oppose Biden’s radical and socialist agenda.

“Listen, if you look at the last just two years in the Senate: Cave to Big Pharma on insulin. Cave to Chuck Schumer on gun control. Cave to the radical left on the climate agenda. That’s the so-called infrastructure bill,” Hawley added.

McConnell always was a big-government RINO and found his soulmate in Joe Biden.

In the last Congress McConnell helped Biden pass the Green New Deal, legislation making it easier to ban and confiscate firearms, and corporate welfare bailouts.

Hawley argued that McConnell agreeing with Biden on every issue made it impossible for Republican candidates to campaign against Joe Biden’s agenda.

“That’s a terrible record. And then they wonder, Why didn’t we do better in the midterms? Gee, why, I don’t know,” Hawley added.

Hawley told Breitbart that McConnell set the GOP campaign strategy in the Senate of moving to the left to try and win Democrat voters in the suburbs and not offering a conservative policy agenda for candidates to campaign on.

“We got to do something different, and we’ve got to give the voters, including independent voters, we’ve got to give them something to believe in us and trust us, and we haven’t done that in the last couple of years,” Hawley concluded.

Josh Hawley was part of a number of Republicans who opposed granting Mitch McConnell another term as GOP leader in the Senate.

And just because McConnell won another term as GOP leader does not mean Hawley and other conservatives will stop calling out McConnell for his failures.