Trump Took Everyone By Surprise By What He Just Revealed About Barack Obama

Photo by Center for American Progress Action Fund on Flickr

Donald Trump and Barack Obama are fierce rivals.

Now everyone is doing a double take.

And Donald Trump took everyone by surprise by what he just revealed about Barack Obama.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Donald Trump and former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly held the first event in O’Reilly’s “History Tour” in Sunrise, Florida.

The event featured Trump unplugged dishing on various political personalities.

In one surprising moment, Trump told the crowd he liked Barack Obama and that Trump considered Obama “smart and sharp.”

The Sun-Sentinel reports:

While Trump had nothing pleasant to say about President Biden, whom he said he doesn’t know personally — he did compliment former President Barack Obama. The crowd booed at his name, but Trump followed with, “I liked him.”

He said Obama is “smart and sharp.” He criticized Obama’s methods, though, blaming him for causing “tremendous division” and hatred in America.

Trump also rejected the claim that a cognitively impaired Joe Biden acted as a figurehead and that Obama was the real president pulling the strings in the shadows.

“He said he doesn’t believe those who claim Obama is secretly running the country for Biden — echoing those with ‘O’Biden’ t-shirts — because he said Obama likes to golf too much and wouldn’t do it,” the Sun-Sentinel also reports.

Top-rated Fox News host Tucker Carlson strongly believes Biden is not really giving the orders and that Obama loyalist Susan Rice – who currently is the head of the Domestic Policy Council – is the true power behind the throne.

Donald Trump initially rose to the top of Republican Party politics by questioning if Obama was born in Kenya which would have made Obama ineligible to serve as president.

Obama eventually produced his long-form birth certificate showing Obama was an American citizen born in Hawaii and Trump took credit for ending all the speculation and conspiracy theories by prodding Obama to put all the questions to bed once and for all by showing his birth certificate.

As president, Trump made it his mission to undo every aspect of Obama’s legacy.

Trump pulled America out of Obama’s job-killing Paris Global Warming Accords.

Trump also tore up Obama’s disastrous Iran nuclear deal.

Donald Trump also reversed Obama’s open borders policies by implementing tough immigration restrictions resulting in the border being more secure than just about any time in American history.

For his part, Obama took the unprecedented step of openly criticizing the sitting president violating one of the big norms of American politics.

Obama never had a good word to say about Trump smearing Trump as a racist demagogue.

This dynamic makes it so surprising that Trump would shower praise on Obama.