Tucker Carlson Explained Why Impeachment Will Result In A Big Defeat For One Unexpected Person

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

The second impeachment trial of Donald Trump is in the books.

Washington is sorting through the fallout

And Tucker Carlson explained why impeachment will result in a big defeat for one unexpected person.

As Great American Daily reports:

Democrats were furious that Donald Trump won 75,000,000 votes and spurred GOP turnout that increased the party’s support with minority voters and led down-ballot Republicans to surprise victories.

They thought the 2020 election would result in a historical landslide win for Joe Biden that would rebuke Donald Trump and shunt the President and his supporters in the shadows never to be seen again.

When Joe Biden didn’t win that electoral mandate, Democrats sought impeachment to exact their vengeance on the President and punish his voters.

RINOs like Liz Cheney and Mitch McConnell seized on impeachment as their means to sever Trump from his voters and snatch back control of the GOP from the President and his base.

Tucker Carlson explained why Cheney and McConnell could not be wrong predicting that RINO backstabbers teaming with Democrats to impeach the President would only make Donald Trump more popular with Republican voters.

“By impeaching the president during his final week in office, Congress will not succeed in discrediting Trump among Republican voters. In fact, it will enhance Donald Trump among Republican voters, obviously. Who does your average Republican voter trust more, Donald Trump or the many people who hate Donald Trump? Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell? Donald Trump or CNN? You know the answer,” Carlson declared.

Actual events on the ground proved Carlson was correct and Cheney and McConnell placed some bad bets on their belief in the flimsy nature of Donald Trump’s support.

In Ohio, Clermont County Republican and leader of Clermont for Trump, Chris Hicks, organized a focus group of 40 Republicans to watch a video of six locals that attended the Trump rally in Washington.

The results were astounding as not one attendee that watched the video about the rally reported a decrease in support for President Trump.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported:

Hicks opened the night by asking the audience a few questions. Is their support for Trump increasing, decreasing or staying the same?

The mostly maskless audience used clickers to record their vote. On the big screen, a bar graphed flashed showing 77% of the 40 people there liked the president more in the past week; 23% had the same opinion. Not one had a lower opinion of the president. 

McConnell and Cheney wagered impeachment would allow the GOP establishment to expunge President Trump and his voters and turn back the clock to the Mitt Romney-led GOP.

But the RINOs that hold leadership positions in the GOP continue to misunderstand their own voters.