Tucker Carlson Exposed One Shocking Video That Joe Biden Did Not Want America To See

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Joe Biden’s plummeting poll numbers are about to get worse.

That’s because one of Biden’s biggest problems just turned into a nightmare.

And Tucker Carlson exposed one shocking video that Joe Biden did not want America to see.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Joe Biden kicked off his presidency vowing a new domestic war on terror with 74,000,000 Trump voters as the target.

Biden’s inaugural address branded all Trump supporters white supremacist, insurrectionist terrorists after the events of January 6.

The corporate media, Democrats and Never Trumpers seized on the events of that day to claim Donald Trump incited a revolt to overthrow the U.S. government.

Social media banned Donald Trump and the FBI launched the largest manhunt in history to arrest what they claimed were “dangerous” insurrectionists.

But is that really what happened?

Joe Biden’s administration hid 14,000 hours of surveillance camera footage from the public.

Critics wondered that if the narrative of a white supremacist insurrection was actually true, wouldn’t the Biden administration want all the hours of video out in public domain so the American people could see for their own eyes how the Republican Party was truly the party of sedition?

The Biden administration fought in court to suppress the footage – which served as a tipoff that maybe the left’s narrative surrounding an insurrection was more hype than reality.

Eventually, a judge ruled against the Biden administration and BuzzFeed published video footage which showed a scene of Trump supporters calmly walking around the Capitol taking selfies and generally milling about.

Tucker Carlson – who has long been a critic of the insurrection narrative – described what the video showed.

You can see the video at the bottom of the article.

Carlson stated:

When you see images from a surveillance camera positioned at the entrance to the Senate wing of the capitol, you don’t see people hiding bombs, or using bayonets or firing weapons, trying to take over the country, an insurrection. You see people walking around taking pictures. They don’t look like terrorists, they look like tourists, and all of them, by the way, are Americans. The rest of the footage, including shots from surveillance cameras outside the crypt at the capitol, is similar. You can look up all of this footage online right now.

And you should. Because you’ll notice that contrary to what the DOJ – we’re going to have to start putting air quotes around that – claimed, none of the footage shows a secret route into the capitol. Oh, that ISIS-K could use. So why did they keep it secret? Here’s one theory. You can compare the footage that was released with what Democrats showed us during the impeachment hearings earlier this year. 

Carlson also called into question footage of a group of men in black combat gear smashing their way into the Capitol through windows.

Tucker Carlson noted the men were not dressed in Trump paraphernalia like the rest of the January 6 protestors and wondered if they were FBI informants.

The corporate media mocked Carlson as a conspiracy theorist.

But just days after Carlson’s broadcast, The New York Times published a story about how one member of the Proud Boys – a pro-Trump group – served as an FBI informant that day and texted his handler giving a detailed play-by-play as he entered the Capitol.

That account confirmed Carlson’s claims that FBI informants were in the crowd that day and proved the corporate media like CNN to be liars for claiming otherwise.

The only questions now are how many FBI informants were at the January 6 rally and if they played a role in organizing the breach of the Capitol.

So much of the media and Democrat Party narrative surrounding January 6 as a white supremacist insurrection is not true.

The video footage the Biden administration released did not show an insurrection.

Regular people aimlessly wandering around the Capitol for two or three hours were not any threat to overthrow the United States government.

There was violence that day and a small group did riot.

But were they spurred on by FBI informants?