Tucker Carlson Had A Warning For Republicans That Took Everyone By Surprise

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Republicans thought they were heading for a smashing victory in the midterm election.

But that may not be the case.

Tucker Carlson had a warning for Republicans that took everyone by surprise.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Tucker Carlson warned Fox News viewers that in the five most recent special elections Democrats outperformed Joe Biden’s vote share in the 2020 election.

The latest body blow suffered by Republicans came in a special election in New York’s 19th Congressional District.

In that race Democrat Pat Ryan defeated Republican Marc Molinaro in a race both parties viewed as a bellwether for November.

Carlson told viewers these disappointing results showed the GOP establishment was botching the election by failing to motivate its voters to get to the polls.

“There’s evidence that the Republican Party may be at fault by alienating its own voters and not getting them to the polls,” Carlson began.

Carlson explained that for the last several months GOP leaders focused on issues that were not important to their voters.

Carlson criticized Molinaro – who was the county executive in the district – for ordering a county building lit up with the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

“They’re Ukraine’s colors,” Carlson stated. “Right, as if his voters care. That’s the message that Molinaro, as executive director of Duchess County, New York sent to voters.”

Carlson slammed Molinaro for sounding like Lindsey Graham instead of attacking Joe Biden for opening the border, supporting a massive gun grab, being soft on crime, and for spending trillions on socialist welfare programs sending inflation through the roof.

“This same candidate also sent fundraising e-mails to voters in upstate New York calling for more aggression against Russia,” Carlson added. “‘Biden is weak on Putin!’ Molinaro wrote. Right. So does sounding like Lindsey Graham actually work?”

Lindsey Graham is one of the biggest RINOs in the Senate.

Graham supports gun control, amnesty, open borders, and has voted for many of Joe Biden’s radical socialist judges.

Carlson said the Republican candidate’s job was to make fun of Graham and tell voters they would never vote or act like a Lindsey Graham-style RINO if they get to Washington.

“Ok, so just to be clear to Republican candidates,” Carlson declared. “That was Lindsey Graham. Your job is to make fun of Lindsey Graham and to disavow Lindsey Graham. Your job is not to emulate Lindsey Graham and steal his talking points. And if you do emulate Lindsey Graham and steal his talking points, you will lose. And the losing candidates did just that.”

RINOs like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham thought Republicans could win the midterms by appealing to left-leaning college-educated women in the suburbs.

That’s why McConnell and other RINOs voted for Joe Biden’s gun control bill and socialist corporate welfare bailout bills.

But instead of attracting new voters McConnell’s strategy of handing Joe Biden wins depressed the conservative base and convinced college-educated suburban women that Joe Biden was actually a successful president.

And now thanks to RINO sellouts like McConnell and Lindsey Graham the midterms are a tossup.