Tucker Carlson Just Found Out One Big Name At Fox News Is Not Happy With Him

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr.com

Tucker Carlson is once again the subject of behind the scenes rumors.

These came out of no where.

And Tucker Carlson just found out one big name at Fox News is not happy with him.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

This fall Tucker Carlson debuted a three-part investigative series entitled “Patriot Purge” where Carlson debunked the corporate media fiction about January 6.

The series also exposed how the Biden administration seized on the melee at the Capitol to declare a new domestic war on terror targeting Trump supporters.

This series enraged liberal activists in the corporate press who hoped to use the false claim that Trump supporters staged an insurrection to disqualify Republicans in the minds of swing voters and to criminally charge Donald Trump to prevent him from running for president again in 2024.

But the critics were not confined to the liberal press.

Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch reportedly disapproved of the series.

“Even Lachlan Murdoch, the chief executive of the network’s parent company, Fox Corp., was troubled by the incendiary trailer for the series, according to people who spoke with him. Yet the series continued to air on Fox Nation, which further lent Carlson an air of untouchability inside Fox,” the Washington Post reported.

Murdoch spokesman Brian Nick did not deny the Post’s reporting and thus confirmed the thrust of the story that the top man at Fox News was upset with his biggest star’s reporting.

“When Lachlan has a concern, he addresses it internally with the team, not through the media,” Nick told the Post.

Murdoch felt pressure from the liberals and Never Trumpers throwing a temper tantrum over Carlson blowing up their narrative.

Never Trump commentators Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes quit in protest.

Both Goldberg and Hayes denied the reality that Joe Biden weaponized the federal government to target his political opponents.

“It’s basically saying that the Biden regime is coming after half the country and this is the War on Terror 2.0,” Goldberg said in an interview with National Public Radio. “It traffics in all manner of innuendo and conspiracy theories that I think legitimately could lead to violence. That for me, and for Steve, was the last straw.”

“The trailer [for the series] basically gave people the impression that the U.S. government was coming after all patriots — half of the country, in the word of one of the protagonists in the piece,” Hayes added. “And that the federal government was going to be using the tools and tactics that it used to go after al-Qaida. And that’s not happening. That’s not true.”

Liberal anchor Chris Wallace also left Fox News for CNN reportedly in large part to protest Carlson and his “Patriot Purge” series.

But liberal commentators like Goldberg, Hayes and Wallace failed to acknowledge the truth that Joe Biden did unleash the federal government to attack conservatives.

In October, Attorney General Merrick Garland colluded with the left-wing National School Boards Association on a letter smearing parents that protested critical race theory and school mask mandates as domestic terrorists.

Garland responded to a request to use the so-called “PATRIOT Act” to surveil parents concerned about left-wing indoctrination in school by siccing the National Security Division of the FBI on concerned parents.

The FBI even created a new threat tag to generate an enemies list of parents opposed to Biden’s left-wing agenda in schools.

Wallace, Hayes and Goldberg hoped to create enough internal pressure to force Fox News to rein in Carlson.

That did not work.

But Lachlan Murdoch felt enough pressure to make it known he was not happy with Carlson.