Tucker Carlson May Give Up His Fox News Show For A Reason That No One Saw Coming

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Tucker Carlson is the top-rated host on Fox News Channel.

But millions of his fans may be in for a surprise.

And Tucker Carlson may give up his Fox News show for a reason that no one saw coming.

As Great American Daily reports:

Every four years prospective presidential candidates travel to key early states like Iowa.

Presidential contenders always dress up their travel with some other innocent reason to mask their White House ambitions.

Tucker Carlson stoked presidential speculation by agreeing to serve as the keynote speaker to the annual Family Leadership Summit.

The Family Leader is an important audition spot for White House hopefuls as the candidate Family Leader CEO Bob Vander Plaats endorsed won the ensuing Iowa Caucus.

GOP donors began floating Carlson as a presidential candidate after the 2020 election.

The argument in some GOP circles was that Carlson was the most effective and articulate advocate for the Donald Trump agenda in America.

And by virtue of his massive TV audience – Carlson drew over five million viewers in the run-up to the 2020 election – Carlson was the closest thing to a gatekeeper for modern American conservatism that exists.

Shortly after those rumors surfaced, Carlson tried to shoot them down saying he had no interest in ever running for president.

“I mean, I guess if like I was the last person on earth I could do it, but I mean, it seems pretty unlikely that I would be that guy,” Carlson stated. “If I were running for president — which obviously I would never do, I would be insane to run for president, I would never do that.”

But journalist David Freedlander attempted to throw cold water on the idea of Tucker Carlson running for president and instead made the case that Carlson could be the next Donald Trump.

“Before everyone gets too excited, just take a breath: no way someone gives up a lucrative TV bid to run for president, especially considering that they would have their finances and personal life examined in way they haven’t been before. Guy’s never been elected to anything!” Freedlander posted on social media.

Freedlander said Carlson would never give up his plum Fox News hosting gig.

That’s the same thing all the so-called “experts” claimed about Donald Trump.

Freedlander said Carlson would never want his finances or personal life examined.

All the pundits claimed Trump would never run for president out of fear of filing financial disclosure forms.

And like Trump, Carlson has never been elected to anything before.

Will Tucker Carlson run for president in 2024?

No one knows that answer but Carlson.

But Carlson’s trip to Iowa will fire up the rumor mill.