Tucker Carlson Told Viewers This RINO Conspired With Democrats To Tank The Midterm Election

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Not every Republican is pulling in the same direction this election season.

Some in the establishment don’t want conservatives to win.

Tucker Carlson told viewers this RINO conspired with Democrats to tank the midterm election.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Tucker Carlson and former Trump White House advisor Stephen Miller slammed RINO Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for surrendering to the Democrats on voting to fund Joe Biden’s open borders agenda.

McConnell waved the white flag on the continuing resolution to fund the government and punted the fight to December where potentially lame duck Democrat majorities could then fund the government through all of 2023 and shut out newly empowered Republicans from stopping Joe Biden’s illegal alien invasion.

Miller slammed McConnell for giving up the GOP’s biggest piece of leverage on immigration – the issue where polls show Republicans holding a commanding lead over Democrats.

“This is one of the greatest acts of – on the part of Mitch McConnell – of both political cowardice and political stupidity, merged together,” Miller stated. “This was a rare moment in which the moral course and the expedient course aligned perfectly.”

Miller explained that the politics and the morality of the situation are demanding that McConnell and Senate Republicans plant their flag and fight Biden’s open borders agenda.

“That’s what morality demands,” Miller added. “We are days out from a midterm. They could’ve used this as a clarifying moment. Indeed, the only clarifying moment in two years, to say, ‘Who are the good guys and who are the evildoers in the Senate? Who’s fighting for you and your family and who’s fighting for the cartels and open borders and the drug dealers poisoning our children?’”

Since Joe Biden took office over four million illegal aliens invaded the United States of America.

And millions of doses of deadly fentanyl poured over the border leading to more than 100,000 drug overdoses.

Miller argued that just having the fight was a win-win as Republicans could frame the election as a referendum on slamming the brakes on Joe Biden’s reckless open borders policies.

Should Republicans win congressional majorities on immigration it would strengthen their hand to draw a tougher line with Biden on the border next year.

“If they didn’t get border security done, then here’s what you do,” Miller continued. “There’s only way out, Democrats. Pass the [continuing resolution] to the 1st of February, and will have a national referendum. And if you elect a Republican House and if you elect a Republican Senate, we will pass it into law on Feb. 1.”

Carlson suspected why McConnell didn’t want this fight.

It was the same reason McConnell routinely engaged in “failure theater” – the process by which McConnell would set up doomed-to-fail votes on conservative priorities so that way McConnell could shrug his shoulders to the base and go back to voting and acting like a Democrat.

“So maybe if they keep losing, they want to lose,” Carlson stated. “Maybe the outcome tells you the intention. If you keep reaching the same place, maybe it’s not by accident.”