Tucker Carlson Turned Heads With This Shocking Response To Getting Suspended

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Many on the left achieved their long-held goal.

Liberals finally silenced Tucker Carlson.

And Tucker Carlson turned heads with this shocking response to getting suspended.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Twitter suspended Tucker Carlson after Carlson tweeted screenshots of two tweets from The Babylon Bee and conservative activist Charlie Kirk calling Biden administration official Rachel Levine a man since Levine was born a biological male.

Carlson explained that Twitter locking him out of his account for calling a biological man a man was a way to control the thoughts of the left’s political opponents.

As an example, Carlson cited the example of Lia Thomas, the biological male that just won the women’s 500-meter national championship.

Carlson said he refused to tell lies and reject truth in the name of conforming to the left’s social media rules.

“‘Yes, Lia Thomas is a proud, beautiful woman who won the swim meet because she practiced harder than the other girls,’” Carlson stated. “‘Lia Thomas deserved to win. Her victory wasn’t cheating and no, I don’t notice her bulging swimsuit. I have no idea what you’re talking about.’ That’s what they demand you say not because they care about Lia Thomas or any other trans person, they could care less. Making you pretend to believe something you don’t, that’s the point. Because if they can make you believe something you know is untrue, they’ve won. They control your brain.”

Carlson added that the left would not stop at censorship.

The next step – Carlson explained – would be the left criminalizing the opposition to their agenda.

“Their first move, always, is censorship and their second move, inevitably, is punishment,” Carlson added. “We learned that again last night when we were suspended from Twitter … The only way out of Twitter jail was to delete our tweet, to pretend we never said it. To cleanse America’s conscience by just whitening out the past.”

One of the current accepted dogmas on the left that bubbled up from the woke mobs on college campuses is the idea that speech is violence.

New York Times opinion editor James Bennet resigned after publishing an op-ed by Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton calling for President Trump to deploy troops to stop the Black Lives Matter riots in the summer of 2020.

Bennet quit after a firestorm in the Times newsroom where woke staffers claimed publishing the op-ed put the lives of black reporters in danger.

Democrats do not believe in a robust First Amendment right to free speech.

Liberals feeling “threatened” by speech is already grounds for termination and cancellation in corporate America and academia.

And like Tucker Carlson warned, it will not be long before the left tries to find a way to criminalize conservative viewpoints.