You Are Going To Hate What Kamala Harris And Bill Gates Just Did About The Border Crisis

Photo by Greg Rubenstein on Flickr

The southern border is the biggest failure of the Biden administration.

As unbelievable as it sounds, matters are now worse.

And you are going to hate what Kamala Harris and Bill Gates just did about the border crisis.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Joe Biden named Kamala Harris his border czar back in March.

But save one disastrous trip to Central America that Harris turned into a debacle by refusing to answer a question about when she would visit the southern border, Harris tried to hide from the public and hoped everyone would forget Biden made her border czar.

That strategy failed.

A USA Today/Suffolk poll showed just 28 percent of Americans held a favorable opinion of Harris and Harris faced an onslaught of negative media coverage as key staffers fled Harris’ office and Harris’ rivals in the Democrat Party leaked negative stories to the press.

Harris tried to execute a reboot by trying to address her biggest vulnerability – the failure to secure the southern border.

The problem from the start is the fact that Biden, Harris and the Democrats want open borders.

Democrats believe the more illegal aliens that pour into the country, the more Democrat Party voters liberals in Congress can create by passing a mass amnesty bill.

That’s why Harris claims her goal is to address the root causes of illegal immigration.

To that end, Harris and the White House announced a new globalist scheme to enlist woke corporations to pour massive resources into Central America to redistribute American wealth abroad.

“As part of her role addressing the root causes of migration from Central America, Vice President Kamala Harris announced seven new commitments as part of the Call to Action she launched on May 27 for businesses and social enterprises to make new, significant commitments to sustainably address the root causes of migration by promoting economic opportunity,” the White House statement read.

“The Vice President announced these new commitments during her closing remarks at a virtual event co-hosted by the State Department and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Partnership for Central America, drawing over 1,300 business, government and civil society leaders from across the region and the United States, to encourage more companies to respond to the Call,” the announcement added.

One of the companies Harris enlisted in this scheme was Microsoft – which was founded by left-wing billionaire Bill Gates.

If Harris and the Democrats wanted to secure the border they could complete the wall, stop promising amnesty and turn off the magnets that attract illegal aliens to march into America.

Instead, Harris and a bunch of liberal CEOs want to invest resources rebuilding the Central American economy.

One reason Donald Trump won in 2016 is because working-class voters turned against the political establishment that spent a generation shipping jobs and wealth to foreign countries.

Big businesses colluded with government on trade deals that served the interests of the global elite and hurt the American middle-class.

Harris could be rallying American companies to reconstitute the American industry and restore the working-class’s faith in American institutions.

That was never in the cards.

Democrats long ago wrote off working-class Americans.