You Won’t Believe What Donald Trump Told Laura Ingraham About the Supreme Court

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Supreme Court nominations were supposed to be one of Donald Trump crowning achievements.

But now Trump is singing a different tune.

And you won’t believe what Donald Trump told Laura Ingraham about the Supreme Court.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Trump called in to Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show to blast Joe Biden’sperformance during Biden’s first press conference.

Donald Trump ripped Biden for turning in a confused and disturbing performance where Biden couldn’t answer simple questions from handpicked reporters despite having a notebook with prepared answers in front of him.

Eventually Ingraham asked Trump about H.R. 1—a bill Democrats want to pass that will eliminate competitive elections by mandating mail-in voting and ballot harvesting in all 50 states, allow votes to count up to ten days after Election Day, make it easier to register illegal aliens to vote, and cripple voter ID laws.

Trump blasted the Democrats for “trying to get something with no voter I.D., no signature verification, send all the ballots you can,” and also added that “you will never have another fair election in this country.”

Former President Trump explained that the Democrats were trying to enshrine the emergency rules some state officials and judges illegally imposed on the entire nation, and that the outcome of all future elections would be similar to 2020.

“Just like, if you look at the last election, it was disgraceful,” Trump declared.

Trump argued that the 2020 election was “a third-world election” and “a disgrace.”

But Trump wasn’t finished.

The former President claimed the 2020 election was stolen from him and attacked the Supreme Court for not taking up a Texas lawsuit challenging the results in Pennsylvania.

“What they did was absolutely disgraceful, and if you look at the numbers, the numbers were vastly in favor of us in the presidential election. It was disgraceful that they were able to get away — the Supreme Court did not have the courage to do what they had to do,” Trump added.

Laura Ingraham did not want to engage in a discussion of the 2020 election and tried to move past it to get Trump to discuss how in the future Republican presidential candidates could put their legal strategy in play before the election as opposed to after the votes were counted.

“Speaking as a lawyer, we are not going to relitigate the past tonight,” Ingraham said to Trump. “But speaking as a lawyer, I think, going forward, I think any candidate running for office has to have an impeccable legal strategy in place before — like come along before the election takes place, because a lot of people saw a lot of problems coming, verification problems coming, but I don’t think the legal situation was in place, and that hurts everybody along the way.”

But President Trump was not ready to give up the point and insisted the Supreme Court should have intervened in the 2020 election.

“No, the courts did not want to enforce it,” Trump added. “You know that, Laura. You know exactly that. And the Supreme Court, when you had Texas and 18 states, the Supreme Court said they don’t have standing. The Supreme Court didn’t want to hear it.”

Ingraham once again tried to end the conversation about the 2020 election by noting that six of the justices were appointed by Republican presidents.

“A lot of Republicans on that court,” Ingraham responded.

Fox News has been under fire from critics on the left as well as facing lawsuits from Dominion Voting Systems over some hosts echoing Trump’s claims about voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Ingraham likely didn’t want to add any more trouble to the mix and tried to steer Trump away from alleging the 2020 election was fraudulent.