You Won’t Believe What Michelle Obama Just Said Trump and Barack Obama

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Michelle and Barack Obama are the real stars of the Democrat National Convention.

Their speeches draw the most attention.

And you won’t believe what Michelle Obama just said Trump and Barack Obama.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Former First Lady Michelle Obama understands that politics flows downstream from the culture.

Democrats took over major American institutions and used their nonpartisan platforms to push a politics agenda.

If Michelle Obama gives a speech at a rally or buys TV or social media ads, a large percentage of the public will automatically tune out because they don’t want to be bothered with politics unless they absolutely have to deal with the subject.

Democrats understand this and that’s why Michelle Obama began hosting a podcast as a way to inject herself into the daily political conversation.

The first guest on her podcast was her husband, former President Barack Obama.

During the course of their conversation, they obviously steered the conversation towards politics and the current state of left-wing activism.

Obama claimed the current state of affairs from the coronavirus pandemic to Black Lives Matter race riots would convince millions of Americans that big government and socialism were the only means to solve the problems the country faced.

Former President Obama declared, “Young people are idealistic as they have ever been. I think they are more idealistic now than they were when I was growing up. The difference though is that idealism that they feel as if they can channel it outside of governmental structures and outside of politics.”

Obama continued, “The problem is, again we’re getting a pretty good lesson in this right now, there’s some things we just can’t do by ourselves or even groups of us can do by ourselves. As general proposition: we can’t build infrastructure by ourselves, we can’t deal with a pandemic by ourselves.”

After some back and forth about old TV shows and the arc of history, Michelle Obama took a dig at President Trump by praising her husband as a President that read and knew history.

Michelle Obama stated:

“Because, well as you pointed out as a former president who reads and knows history. Let’s just take moment to pause and think about that.

“But as that person, you understand the arc of progress. We are moving toward more inclusivity, more openness, more we-ness. It’s not an easy trajectory.”

Dating back to Dwight D. Eisenhower – the man who planned the D-Day invasion – Democrats smeared Republican presidents as simpletons.

Chevy Case portrayed Gerald Ford as a buffoon on Saturday Night Live.

Ronald Reagan was an “amiable dunce.”

The left thought George W. Bush couldn’t put two sentences together.

But none of that compares to what the left thinks of Donald Trump.

Despite the fact that Trump won the presidency with the media, academia, Hollywood, every living president from both parties as well as a significant portion of the GOP establishment against him, Democrats are convinced President Trump is a fool.

Michelle Obama fed into that stereotype by implying her husband read and knew history while Trump sits around on the couch live-tweeting cable news and stuffing his face with McDonald’s.