You Won’t Believe Why Kamala Harris And Joe Biden Won’t Be Seen In Public Together

Photo by U.S. Secretary of Defense on Flickr

The relationship between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris fractured.

No one knew why until now.

And you won’t believe why Kamala Harris and Joe Biden won’t be seen in public together.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

The Daily Mail published an exclusive report revealing that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris rarely appear together.

In January, when they both took office Harris and Biden attended 20 public events together.

But by October the two appeared at one public event open to the press.

Pundits immediately suspected that Harris ditched Biden due to Biden’s slumping poll numbers.

If Harris attends events with Biden then her face appears in the news coverage as Biden tries to gaslight the public on why skyrocketing inflation, a supply chain-induced shortage, the border crisis or the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan were all actually real successes and anything that went wrong was Donald Trump’s fault.

Americans do not believe this spin and this is reflected in the fact that Biden’s numbers sunk in the low 40s and never rebounded.

But on Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” the hosts offered up another theory.

“You have to ask who is breaking up with who,” co-host Dana Perino asked.

Perino suggested that it was really Biden’s team leaking stories about Harris since polling showed Harris was the least popular vice president in history.

Biden’s team could be trying to shift the blame for Biden’s sinking fortunes by pointing to Harris not pulling her weight as a reason Biden’s job approval number never budged after its initial collapse.

Co-host Jesse Watters speculated that Biden handed Harris a high-profile role as border czar and Harris’ failure to control the crisis – the Border Patrol arrested a record 1.7 million illegal aliens entering the country – led Biden to write Harris off as a political liability since polls show the American people give Biden his lowest approval numbers on the border of any issue.

“So Jesse, she failed at the border, so why does she get a second bite of the apple?” co-host Greg Gutfeld quipped in response. “There is a gender strategy.”

Watters shot back that this may be a case of mutual loathing as Harris has the lowest poll numbers of any vice president going back to the 1970s.

Jesse Watters speculated that Biden and Harris had no use for each other since both Harris and Biden’s poll numbers stunk and both needed to avoid the other’s failures to maintain their political viability in 2024.

“They’re both avoiding each other because they don’t want both of their bad poll numbers to rub off on each other. It’s pretty funny. Her numbers are historically bad,” he said. “She’s less popular than Pence, than Gore, than Dick Cheney, than Joe Biden was when he was with Barack Obama, and now she is complaining like she has not been in great roles.”