Judge Sets Trial Date For Donald Trump During The 2024 GOP Primary

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Democrats hope Soros-backed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is their secret weapon in the presidential election.

Liberals got some stunning news.

And Alvin Bragg got one monstrous win that could stop Trump from running in 2024.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

When Alvin Bragg filed his flimsy 34-count indictment against Donald Trump for falsifying business records even liberal legal analysts pooh-poohed the charges.

Former Bragg prosecutor Mark Pomerantz wrote in his anti-Trump book that the case against Trump over Michael Cohen paying Stormy Daniels $130,000 as part of a nondisclosure agreement was the “zombie case.”

But after Donald Trump announced his re-election campaign last November Bragg revived the “zombie case” and moved quickly to indict Trump even though witnesses like former Cohen legal advisor Robert Costello offered testimony that exonerated Trump and undercut the case to Bragg’s grand jury.

Judge Juan Merchan set the trial date of March 25, 2024.

This means Trump will stand trial just ahead of critical primaries in Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin and Indiana.

In the 2016 election Trump romping to victory in Pennsylvania and New York set him on a glide path to the nomination which Trump wrapped up with a decisive victory in Indiana.

But in 2024 Trump may be forced to sit out the campaign in those states.

That’s because Judge Merchan told Trump not to schedule any events during the trial.

Mediaite reports:

Merchan has already forbidden the involved parties from scheduling anything that would conflict with the trial, which could limit Trump’s ability to campaign during it. March 25 comes in the heart of the GOP primary, after Super Tuesday but prior to key contests in New York, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

Trump slammed Judge Merchan’s ruling as election interference and politically motivated.

“Just had New York County Supreme Court hearing where I believe my First Amendment Rights, ‘Freedom of Speech,’ have been violated, and they forced upon us a trial date of March 25th, right in the middle of Primary season. Very unfair, but this is exactly what the Radical Left Democrats wanted. It’s called ELECTION INTERFERENCE, and nothing like this has ever happened in our Country before!!!” Trump declared.

The Real Clear Politics polling average shows that Donald Trump holds a 33-point lead in the GOP primary and runs stronger against Joe Biden than Ron DeSantis.

Democrats are desperate to take Trump off the board.

That’s why many conservatives believe Joe Biden and Soros-backed prosecutors weaponized the justice system to file frivolous criminal charges against Donald Trump to either send him to jail or at the very least disqualify him in the minds of swing voters.