Alvin Bragg Under Fire for Soft-on-Crime Agenda

Photo by Niccolò Caranti on Wikimedia Commons

Alvin Bragg is one of the prosecutors George Soros helped win election.

Bragg is paying Soros back.

And Alvin Bragg and George Soros teamed up to do one unspeakable attack.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

George Soros has made it his mission to elect so-called “prosecutors” throughout America who will refuse to enforce laws against violent crime and property destruction.

This has been an especially large problem in inner cities, where crime rates are higher, and these “prosecutors” are letting criminals out of prison.

Alvin Bragg is one of the hand-picked prosecutors Soros helped elect. He has a double standard of justice, prosecuting Donald Trump for his private interactions with Stormy Daniels while letting dangerous violent criminals out of prison.

But this is exactly how George Soros wants it – he wants to put his political enemies in prison and let criminals run free.

New York City is paying the price for this, of course. Residents of the city are in serious danger of having their property stolen, or worse.

And now a shoplifting gone bad has turned the spotlight onto Bragg and his insane policies.

According to the New York Post, “A CVS worker allegedly knifed to death a serial shoplifter during a fight inside the Midtown store early Thursday morning, cops and law enforcement sources said.”

“The fatal encounter began when Scotty Enoe, 46, stopped the homeless man, who was suspected of trying to steal Gatorade and a container of creamer, near the door of the drug store at Broadway and West 49th Street just before 12:30 a.m. Thursday, according to police and sources.”

“The alleged 50-year-old thief, who has more than a dozen previous shoplifting arrests, socked Enoe in the face and the worker pulled out a knife and allegedly stabbed the man in the torso, cops and sources said.”

The fact that this man had more than a dozen prior arrests and was still allowed to run free is one of the clearest examples yet of Bragg’s refusal to keep New York City safe.

Bob McManus of the Post had this to say about the incident:

“Say hello to Alvin Bragg’s latest victims.”

“Shoplifting is beneath his attention, don’t you know – so toothpaste is behind plexiglass panels all across the borough and serial boosters are peddling stolen property to bodegas and flea markets.”

“It’s not only Bragg, of course; he’s just the face of a progressive plague that treats so-called petty crime as an inconvenience that must be endured as a matter of social justice.”

That progressive plague is driven by one man: George Soros.