Megyn Kelly and Sage Steele Speak Up for Americans Fed Up With ESPN’s Woke Turn

Photo by Jeff Kern on Flickr

Many Americans believe ESPN should just stick to sports.

The worldwide leader got that message in a major way.

That’s because ESPN went woke and Megyn Kelly made them pay this huge price.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Former “SportsCenter” anchor Sage Steele was one of the few outspoken and proud conservatives at ESPN.

In October 2021 ESPN suspended Steele after she went on a podcast and opposed the company’s COVID vaccine mandate blasting it as “sick and scary.”

Steele – who is biracial – also slammed Barack Obama for ignoring his white mother and only identifying as black.

After the suspension Steele sued and she recently announced she settled the lawsuit and left ESPN so she could exercise her “First Amendment rights” and speak out on her beliefs.

Steele’s first interview after leaving ESPN occurred on Megyn Kelly’s show and the two discussed how politics affected her life at ESPN.

One area that Kelly found baffling was that ESPN on-air talent – who cover sports for a living – refuse to speak out on the basic unfairness of allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports.

“They know damn well that men should not be participating in women’s sports. They know it. They’ve gotta be on our side,” Kelly declared.

Steele agreed and revealed that everyone at ESPN – especially those with daughters – deep down knows it is preposterous to allow men to play women’s sports.

“Of course they know, and especially because so many of them have children, have daughters who are in those arenas, on those courts, on those fields. And I know damn well, and I’m not gonna name names, but they know who they are, there’s no way they would allow their daughters to be on a field with boys, especially as you get older, as you are a teenager. Are you kidding me?” Steele added.

But there is so much cultural pressure among the high-income professional class that populates the ranks at ESPN to defend the absurdity of boys competing against girls that no one speaks out.

Recently a biological male named Anne Andres won a female powerlifting competition in dominant fashion lifting nearly 400 pounds more than his nearest biological female competitor.

Steele was baffled over this as only a fringe minority of Americans on the left agree – a recent poll shows 70 percent of Americans oppose allowing biological men to compete against women – so it should be a slam dunk.

“This isn’t even controversial. This is stupid that it’s even a topic with biological men trying to play sports with women,” Steele added.

Steele put the argument about transgender athletes to rest with one simple truth – if allowing transgenders to compete in sports is so great why are there no biological females competing in men’s sports and trying to make the NFL or NBA?

“There are no women trying to go play in the NBA, or the NFL or college football aside from a kicker here or there,” Steele stated.