Megyn Kelly Destroys U.S. Women’s Soccer Team

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

The American people have had their fill of the woke mob.

Voices are speaking out in opposition.

Megyn Kelly drove the final nail in the coffin for this woke icon.

As Liberal Hack Watch reports:

Sports are usually the great unifier in America.

No matter anyone’s differences, Americans come together to root on the red, white and blue in international competitions.

But the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team proved to be the exception to the rule.

Sweden eliminated the U.S. women in the round of 16, 5-4 on penalty kicks.

That ended the U.S.’s bid for three-peat at the Women’s World Cup.

And half the country cheered the women’s soccer team getting their comeuppance.

Megyn Kelly told guest Clay Travis she was ecstatic the women lost after years of the team shoving their woke politics down the nation’s throat.

The team angered Americans across the country by refusing to sing the national anthem before games and millions of people could not understand how these players claimed to represent a country they hated.

“I couldn’t care less about the loss. Couldn’t care less,” Kelly declared.

Kelly claimed the team spent more time on their latest political protest as opposed to focusing on their mission which was to win the World Cup.

“I hope that they took a lesson from losing that we all want our kids to learn when things go down. Which is, be introspective. Figure out how it happened. And in this case, they didn’t have their eye on the ball. They had their eye on their woke activism, which has been this way for a while,” Kelly stated.

Kelly singled out aging star Megan Rapinoe as leading the team down the path of becoming better-known for left-wing rabble-rousing than their play on the field.

“But Megan Rapinoe and her imprint on the team has now really made its mark. And I’m thrilled she’s gone. I feel like there’s a future now for this team potentially without this woman at the helm,” Kelly continued.

Dating back to 2019 Rapinoe led the way on the team kneeling for the national anthem in support of Colin Kaepernick’s anti-American protest.

This caused a rift with star player Carli Lloyd who stood for the Star-Spangled Banner and found the protest disrespectful.

During the 2019 Women’s World Cup Rapinoe also began taunting Donald Trump to play to her cheering section in the woke media.

Before this World Cup Rapinoe also came out in favor of allowing biological males to play women’s sports.

Travis agreed and said the team took on Rapinoe’s divisive personality which led to Americans cheering their elimination after the women’s team turned in one of the worst performances on a big stage anyone ever saw as the team went 210 minutes without scoring a goal.

“From that point forward, they allowed, I think, the woke instincts of Megan Rapinoe to direct every decision they made. They became polarizing. They became, frankly, quite unlikable. And ultimately, that led to and I think this is important, the single worst performance by the US women’s World Cup team ever,” Travis stated.

Travis noted the irony of the team losing because of Rapinoe missing a key penalty kick and Joe Biden praising them on social media as summing up why the women’s soccer team proved so divisive.

“And yet Joe Biden puts out a tweet praising them, talking about how beloved they are and how proud of them he was. And to me, Megyn, when you look at Rapinoe in the way that she shanked that penalty kick, it went to the far right, ironically, but a reaction where she’s smiling and kind of laughing. To me, it epitomized the way that the U.S. women played this entire World Cup. They were awful,” Travis added.

Former men’s national soccer team player and Fox Sports commentator Alexi Lalas agreed saying the women’s team destroyed their brand with a large segment of the country by leaning into their woke politics at the expense of all else.

With Rapinoe retiring the women’s national soccer team has a chance to reboot.

Will it ditch woke politics and stick to sports?