Rand Paul Stuns Republicans by Not Fully Backing Impeaching Joe Biden

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Adam Schiff was one of the ringleaders in the witch hunts against Donald Trump.

Now Schiff is playing defense for Joe Biden.

And Adam Schiff was thrown for a loop by this response to impeaching Joe Biden.

As Great American Daily reports:

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy continues to insinuate that the GOP majority will eventually open an impeachment inquiry.

An FBI FD-1023 form detailing credible allegations that then-Vice President Joe Biden accepted a $5 million bribe to perform policy favors for a company paying his son and Biden weaponizing the Justice Department to protect Hunter Biden from prosecution while at the same time targeting Donald Trump for arrest provides fertile ground for an impeachment inquiry.

And yet Adam Schiff – who led the Ukraine impeachment hoax where we know Donald Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for assistance in the Biden bribe allegation – claims Republicans talking about impeaching Biden are not “serious people.”

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul had an eyebrow-raising response to Schiff.

In an interview on Fox News Paul swiped at Schiff over claiming Republicans were not serious noting the sham impeachment Schiff helped run on the Ukraine hoax and the fact that Schiff defended the FBI’s illegal warrantless spying on members of Congress.

“A great deal of irony. The pot here calling the kettle black. The guy who impeached Trump with no hearings, they just went straight to the floor and impeach the president. This is a guy who had no respect for the Fourth Amendment rights of his colleagues who illegally searched their phone records. This is a man without any semblance of any kind of respect for the rule of law,” Paul began.

But then Paul also claimed that Republicans should pump the brakes on the impeachment talk as Paul argued it would be a bad thing for America if Republicans followed Democrats impeaching Donald Trump by then impeaching Joe Biden.

“The Democrats immediately rushed to impeachment without hearings, this and that. I think there needs to be continued investigation,” Paul continued.

“But I think it would be better to gather more evidence before an impeachment. If there’s going to be impeachment, let’s have quite a bit of evidence out there that the American people are actually behind this, because I don’t really want to impeach every president comes forward. I think the Democrats set a terrible precedent in impeaching Donald Trump just because they didn’t like him, basically. And both of their impeachments, fell flat and made them look, I think, terrible. But I think it’s not good for the republic to keep impeaching presidents and indicting presidents. All of this stuff is destructive. The other side says, oh, they want their for preserving democracy. They’re pitting everyone against each other and they’re destroying the fabric of our republic. So I think we have to be careful not to fall into the same trap,” Paul added.

Many Republican voters are tired of Republicans playing by one set of rules to claim it gives them the moral high ground in political debates where at the same time Democrats are playing “Calvinball.”

Calvinball is a game from the popular comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes” where Calvin invents a new game where the only rules are there are no rules and the game can never be played the same way twice.

That is how conservatives see Democrats conducting themselves on impeachment.

Republican voters see the case for impeachment against Biden as cut and dried.

And grassroots conservatives are wondering why elected officials are trying to slow-walk this process.