Tucker Carlson Exploded When He Heard What Joe Biden Said About The Chinese Spy Balloon

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Joe Biden was asleep at the switch when a Communist Chinese spy balloon invaded America.

Biden’s reaction was beyond the pale.

And Tucker Carlson exploded when he heard what Joe Biden said about the Chinese spy balloon.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

U.S. Air Force General Glen VanHerck told reporters on Monday that the Chinese spy balloon that was shot down off the coast of South Carolina was potentially carrying explosives on board.

VanHerck said that the balloon was up to 200 feet tall, has a payload the size of a jetliner, weighed “in excess of a couple thousand pounds” and potentially carried explosives “to detonate and destroy the balloon.”

Yet VanHerck alleged that the balloon did not present a physical military threat and therefore could not be dealt with.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed the Biden administration for the claim that the Chinese balloon “posed no threat.”

“On January 28th, the balloon entered U.S. airspace over Alaska. From there, it traveled over the northwest territories of Canada and then it dropped back into the United States over Idaho. By last Wednesday, February 1st, it was spotted by civilians in the skies over southern Montana,” Carlson said on Monday.

“A man staring out of the window of an office building in Billings saw what he thought was a UFO. It was too small to be the moon, he said,” Carlson continued. “He began to take pictures. It soon appeared on social media. Almost immediately the air space over Billings, over the entire town was shut down. Commercial flights were diverted. F-22 Raptors arrived from a nearby Air Force base along with refueling tankers and an AWACS surveillance plane. It was a big story.”

“Debris was still fluttering toward the ocean when the administration began telling lies, many of them about what had happened. That balloon posed no threat to American national security, the Biden administration claimed,” Carlson said. “Why? Because the balloon never transmitted data back to China. Now, how could officials know that? They never explained, nor did they say whether the Chinese military would send one of its aircraft all the way to the U.S. without a satellite uplink.”

Carlson noted that the mainstream media had voiced the claim from DoD officials that multiple Chinese balloons had flown over America when Donald Trump was president, a claim which former Defense Secretary Mark Esper says is untrue.

“So what is the real story here? Honestly, we don’t know. The Pentagon ignored our many questions today. Of course they did, because we’re not going to transcribe them. So once again, the people who owe you the truth are lying to you,” Carlson said. “So tonight all we know with certainty is that the Chinese military just flew an aircraft that reportedly contained explosives over the entire length of the United States and got away with it. That seems like a bad precedent.”