Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Under Fire After Video Falsely Claims Joe Biden Isn’t to Blame for Inflation

Photo by nrkbeta on Flickr

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made everything worse.

The evidence is all on camera.

And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will never recover from what’s on this shocking video.

As Great American Daily reports:

Democrats keep trying to gaslight the American people into thinking the economy is humming along.

But the public isn’t buying it.

The Real Clear Politics polling average shows just 38 percent of Americans approve of Joe Biden’s handling of the economy.

And since the economy is always the number-one issue in every election that explains why polls show Donald Trump tied with – and in some cases beating – Joe Biden despite the Democrat Party lawfare Trump is facing.

Inflation was the original sin of the Biden administration and rising prices are what’s driving down Joe Biden’s poll numbers.

Under Donald Trump, inflation was under two percent.

But thanks to the trillions in socialist spending under Joe Biden, prices are up 17 percent since 2020.

Biden’s false claims that inflation is “cooling” because the latest report shows prices only rising 3.3 percent last month ignores the fact that those numbers represent a 3.3 percent increase from last year when inflation registered at seven percent.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tried to fool Americans about the cause of inflation with a video posted to social media from the fringe left-wing group the Aotearoa Liberation League (ALL).

In the video, the ALL tried to blame rising prices on corporations.

“The price of everything keeps going up; meanwhile, the corporations selling those things are making massive profits. The goal of the capitalist is to disconnect these two facts from one another. So they use this concept of inflation,” the narrator in the video claimed.

The ALL falsely claimed the basic law of economics — that when you print more money you devalue the currency and thus prices increase — is just “propaganda.”

“And propaganda around inflation and cost of living is so powerful, that we forget the very basic fact that corporations set the prices for their products. If a corporation raises its prices, and then makes record profits, that’s not some invisible monster. It’s just a bunch of greedy shareholders,” the video narrator added.

“One advocate called it a form of mass gaslighting, and I think that captures it perfectly,” the narrator stated.

This lunatic message was one Ocasio-Cortez tried to push last year ahead of the midterm elections.

“A lot of these price increases are potentially due to just straight price gouging by corporations,” Ocasio-Cortez said at the time.

No matter how many times Ocasio-Cortez repeats this falsehood that inflation is the fault of corporations, the American people see through this big lie.

The public knows Joe Biden’s socialist spending spree is to blame for inflation which is why the polls show a toss-up race between Biden and Trump.