CNN Forced to Admit Polls Show Joe Biden in Big Trouble in 2024

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Joe Biden says he is running for re-election.

Democrats’ confidence in his chances at victory are ebbing.

And CNN confessed one thing about Joe Biden that left Democrats shook.

As Great American Daily reports:

Bad polling numbers keep pouring in for Joe Biden.

Even Biden’s staunchest supporters in the press cannot ignore the reality any longer.

The latest poll from CNN caused an especially big stir.

Liberal activist Jake Tapper could not sugarcoat the findings which showed 66 percent of the American people thought Biden winning a second term would be a disaster for the nation.

“Horrible news, horrible for Joe Biden in our new CNN poll,” Tapper stated. “While the president leads his Democratic competitors by a huge margin, two-thirds of all of the American people surveyed, 66% of the public say that a Biden victory would either be a setback or a disaster for the United States.”

Tapper was dumbfounded that after more than two years of North Korean-style propaganda coverage for Biden and his agenda the American people rejected the idea of a Biden second term en masse.

“When it comes to how voters see Joe Biden and another presidential term, I mean those are some bad numbers,” Tapper continued.

CNN Political Director David Chalian chimed in to express his disbelief that just 35 percent of Americans held a favorable view of Joe Biden.

“Look at how Americans are rating him, Jake. I mean, 35% favorable, that is remarkably low,” Chalian continued.

To make matters worse for the CNN crew, Donald Trump outperformed Joe Biden on all of these metrics.

Panic is starting to set in for the corporate media and larger Democrat Party.

In addition to the CNN polling showing Biden being a failure, two other polls highlighted the mounting troubles for Biden.

A Quinnipiac poll showed 65 percent of registered voters think Joe Biden is too old to serve as an effective president.

That same poll found that 59 percent do not think Trump is too old to be president.

A Marquette Law School poll found Donald Trump leading Joe Biden 52 to 47 percent.

The Real Clear Politics polling average also has Trump leading Biden by 1.4 points.

Americans took stock of Biden’s time in office and see failure.

Inflation soared thanks to Joe Biden’s socialist spending.

Biden opened the border to a record wave of illegal immigration.

Foreign affairs are a disaster as Biden presided over the humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan and pushed America to the brink of nuclear war with Russia over Ukraine.

And Biden refuses to get a handle on crime in Democrat-run cities.

Biden recently vetoed a resolution passed by congressional Republicans to overturn a Washington, D.C. scheme to soften penalties for violent crimes.

The American people continue to judge the four years of Donald Trump as president against what they see from Joe Biden.

While they may not have liked Trump’s mean tweets the public views Trump as a more successful and competent president.

And that’s why Trump outperforms Biden in the polls.