John Fetterman’s Office Claims He Cosponsored Legislation While In The Hospital

Photo by PopTech on Flickr

John Fetterman’s been missing from the Senate and in the hospital for two months.

That’s led to major questions about Fetterman’s future.

And John Fetterman put his name on one piece of paper that led to this huge problem.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Senator Fetterman entered a hospital on February 15 to receive treatment for clinical depression.

All Americans wished him well.

But The New York Times admitted that Fetterman sought treatment after struggling to deal with the reality that he did not take enough time to recover from the near-fatal stroke he suffered last May and instead rushed back to the campaign trail.

Fetterman, Democrats, and the media hid the truth about Fetterman’s physical and cognitive impairment from the public knowing that if the voters of Pennsylvania knew the truth then Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz likely would have won the election.

Since Fetterman entered the hospital — this was Fetterman’s second stint receiving medical care in just two weeks as Fetterman spent several days under doctors’ care after complaining of headaches following the State of the Union — Americans saw hide nor hair of Fetterman.

Fetterman’s office never made his doctors available to answer actual questions about Fetterman’s medical condition and if he is physically and mentally fit to serve in the Senate.

After months of silence Fetterman’s office claimed Fetterman co-sponsored a bi-partisan rail safety bill introduced in the wake of the Norfolk Southern train derailment that spilled toxic chemicals into the air, ground and water.

There is no evidence Fetterman actually co-sponsored this bill or even knows what it is.

Fetterman is so cognitively and physically impaired that he can’t carry on simple small talk conversation without a computer screen displaying the transcription from special software.

The Fetterman office tried to make it seem like he was involved in this legislation even though Fetterman cannot speak in coherent or complete sentences by releasing a statement in his name.

“Communities like Darlington Township and East Palestine are too often forgotten and overlooked by leaders in Washington and executives at big companies like Norfolk Southern who only care about making their millions,” the statement from Fetterman read. “That’s why I’m proud to be working with my colleagues to stand up for these communities and make clear that we’re doing everything we can to prevent a disaster like this from happening again.”

Reporters did not press Fetterman’s office for any evidence Fetterman knows what this legislation is or even participated in the drafting of this bill.

But that is par for the course.

The media never inquired about the true status of Fetterman’s condition and accepted every single lie from his campaign and the Democrats about Fetterman’s health.