Judge Delivers Legal Setback to Trump in New York Criminal Case

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Alvin Bragg was the first Democrat prosecutor to indict Donald Trump.

That began the campaign of lawfare against the GOP frontrunner.

Alvin Bragg notched one win that will leave Donald Trump red with rage.

As Great American Daily reports:

Bragg is set for trial in March on charges against Trump that even liberal legal experts believe are bogus and politically motivated.

The Soros-backed Bragg invented a new legal theory alleging Donald Trump committed 34 felonies by falsifying business records to cover up Michael Cohen paying Stormy Daniels a $130,000 non-disclosure agreement settlement in October 2016.

Falsifying business records is a misdemeanor where the statute of limitations in this case expired.

To boost the charges to a felony he could bring against Trump, Bragg claimed Trump falsified the business records in commission of another crime, accepting an illegal campaign contribution.

Bragg never charged Trump with a campaign finance crime as that is the purview of the federal government and the Biden administration also declined to bring a campaign finance charge against Trump.

The indictment rests on accusing Trump of committing a second crime that neither the state nor the Feds charged him with committing.

It seems like a cut-and-dried case that any judge would toss out.

But Judge Juan Merchan is overseeing this case and that is bad news for Trump.

Merchan donated to Joe Biden’s 2020 re-election effort in what looks to many Americans as a clear conflict of interest as Bragg winning a conviction in this case will benefit a candidate Merchan financially supported.

Trump’s team filed a motion for Judge Merchan to recuse himself on account of the obvious political bias against Trump.

In rejecting the motion Judge Merchan claimed he contacted the New York State Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics and cited their findings holding that Merchan’s donation to Donald Trump’s political rival did not represent a disqualifying conflict of interest.

“We see nothing in the inquiry to suggest that the outcome of the case could have any effect on the judge’s relative, the relative’s business, or any of their interests,” the advisory committee opinion stated.

“Defendant has failed to demonstrate that there exists concrete, or even realistic reasons for recusal to be appropriate, much less required on these grounds,” Judge Merchan added.

“The speculative and hypothetical scenarios offered by Defendant fall well short of the legal standard,” Judge Merchan continued.

But part of the Democrats’ lawfare strategy was to draft their most partisan prosecutors – Jack Smith, Fani Willis, and Bragg – to bring cases in the most Democrat jurisdictions in America.

Democrat prosecutors trying Trump in Democrat strongholds guarantees Democrat judges and Democrat juries decide Donald Trump’s fate.