Ron DeSantis Believes a Felony Conviction Will End Donald Trump’s Campaign

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

All of Donald Trump’s rivals are wondering what it will take to get back into contention for the GOP nomination.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis floated one shocking idea.

And Ron DeSantis revealed the one thing that will force Trump out of the race.

As Great American Daily reports:

DeSantis is under pressure from his big-money donors to draw a sharper contrast with Donald Trump.

One of DeSantis’s top donors, Hal Lambert, admitted the campaign’s strategy is letting Democrat prosecutors knock Trump out of the race.

“Lambert also said that the likelihood of additional Trump indictments will impact the trajectory of the race, and that he thinks at least ‘there is a possibility’ Trump’s legal troubles make it so he must drop out of the race,” NBC reported before Jack Smith indicted Trump over contesting the 2020 election.

“If another indictment out of D.C. comes,” Lambert told NBC that “for example, I could see them fast-tracking that before the end of the year.”

Beginning with the GOP debate in Milwaukee and its aftermath DeSantis keeps inching closer to publicly embracing that strategy himself.

At the debate, DeSantis’s worst moment came when moderator Bret Baier asked the candidates if they would support Trump if he won the nomination despite a conviction in one of the kangaroo courts Democrat prosecutors plan on staging.

Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy immediately raised his hand to signal “yes,” he would support Trump, even if Democrats convicted Trump on any of the charges they brought against Trump.

RINO former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley followed while a clearly nervous DeSantis looked to his left and right to see if other candidates raised their hand before half-heartedly putting up his right hand.

The following night at Iowa’s “Field of Dreams” stadium – a baseball park built after the stadium the character Kevin Costner played built in his corn field in the hit 1989 movie “Field of Dreams” – a fidgety DeSantis tried to excuse away why he granted legitimacy to prosecutions brought against Trump by Democrat prosecutors.

The DeSantis campaign strategy appears to hinge on Democrat prosecutors doing their dirty work for them.

DeSantis can’t admit that without alienating the vast majority of Trump voters.

However, DeSantis depends on big-money donors who hate Donald Trump to keep his campaign afloat.

Politicians can answer whatever question they choose no matter what reporters ask.

If DeSantis wanted to, he could have forcefully condemned the charges against Trump as politically motivated lawfare.

The fact that DeSantis did not denounce the Democrat prosecutors charging Trump in the middle of the election on the debate stage or at the event in Iowa raised the eyebrows of Trump supporters.