The Democrat Plan to Arrest Donald Trump Carries Major Risks

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

The 2024 election is unlike anything seen before in American politics.

At every turn Donald Trump’s found a way to confound the left.

And now Donald Trump turned the tables on Joe Biden with one weird trick.

As Great American Daily reports:

The Democrat District Attorney in Fulton County, Fani Willis, is not keeping it a secret that her indictment against Trump is a political act.

Willis arrested Trump on charges for contesting the 2020 election that former federal prosecutors like Andrew McCarthy and Brett Tolman as well as legal experts like George Washington Law Professor Jonathan Turley described as misguided at best and outright dangerous at worst.

And just so no one missed that the purpose of the indictment was to humiliate Trump and provide fodder for Democrat Party campaign commercials next year, Willis forced Trump to submit to a mug shot even though he may be the most recognizable man in America and poses zero flight risk since he is running for president.

Trump, however, turned the tables on Willis and the Democrats by releasing the mug shot photo himself with the caption “Never Surrender!”

Trump’s mug shot emerged as an iconic photo of resistance to the liberal elite and the Democrat Party which weaponized the justice system in a gambit to remain in power.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio warned Democrats they may live to regret ripping the seal off wielding the justice system as just another tool for political score-settling.

Rubio’s parents fled Cuba following the Communist revolution where the murderous Castro regime seized power.

Dictator Fidel Castro imprisoned, tortured and murdered the political opposition.

So no one understands better the consequences of the prosecutors, the police and the courts working in service of one political party than Marco Rubio.

Rubio posted on social media that Democrats obliterated the final guardrail that separated America from third-world banana republics and that the left – as well as all Americans – would have to live with the outcome.

“Those who decided to start using indictments, prosecutors & even mug shots as weapons in a political campaign have unleashed a destructive new era in American politics. Now, for years to come our criminal justice system will be used to target candidates in both parties & the harm this will do to America will take a long time to fix,” Rubio wrote on X, the app formerly known as Twitter.

Democrat prosecutors like Willis twisting the law to meet the political needs of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party came after two years of relentless Democrat Party and media propaganda proclaiming Joe Biden and his allies as the defenders of democracy.

But when push came to shove Biden and the Democrats decided they needed to burn down the norms that stood for 247 years that protected Americans from a politicized federal and state police power.